Struggling to Attract and Retain Your Millennial Talent?


Today, finding good, diverse talent feels difficult. You're trying your best to retain that talent once you find it, but it's a struggle because millennials want growth potential and they want it NOW. They're impatient -- and sometimes, they're flat-out difficult to work with.

The misconceptions that abound about millennials add to the challenges you need to overcome. If you buy into the myths that all millennials are entitled and don't want to work hard, then you're going to struggle to manage and retain them. 

The truth is, your young talent WANTS to devote themselves to your company. But they won't do it unless they feel like you have their back and that there's going to be a seat a the table for them - and a place at the top once they've worked their way up.

Sound like your current challenges so far? Keep reading...


I understand the challenges you're facing - and I know what it takes to get to a solution.

Retaining top talent isn't difficult once you understand that millennials ARE hard-working, driven, and motivated. It's simply a matter of harnessing the potential of your top talent and directing their energy in productive ways.

My 1-on-1 clients come to me because they're ambitious, but feel stuck. They don't understand the WHY behind their tasks or responsibilities, and they feel like they lack purpose. Providing coaching gives employees a space to work out these questions before it escalates to management and in turn, more effectively communicate their needs with their managers.

Millennials want to be coached, not managed.

Millennials are growth-oriented. They're focused on career development -- and they're going to seek out opportunities for growth whether it's with your organization or not. If they don't see a path forward, they'll look elsewhere and you'll lose top talent to companies who are actively showing they care about their young employees and who provide avenues for personal and professional development. 

But you don't have to lose that talent. You can retain millennials and shape them into future leaders that use their skills to grow your organization by showing your employees that you're committed to their growth and success within your company.

If you want to help young employees feel like they have a purpose and plenty of opportunity at your company, let's chat. I can provide that coaching to your employees - and provide you with the tools you need to better manage and improve communication with your rising leaders.


A Couple More Things to Know About Corporate Coaching...


Why me?

To start, I've been a millennial in the corporate world. During my years as a sales rep, I grappled with many of the same issues that your millennial talent are grappling with today. I spent six years as a high performer, craving growth and struggling to communicate what I truly needed to my managers. It was through working with a coach myself that I learned how to dig deeper, speak up for myself, and more effectively communicate at work.

Since deciding to make a career change into coaching and receiving my CPC from iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), I've been working with millennials to address the challenges they face at work. There are several themes that I've noticed with my private 1-on-1 coaching clients: they lack purpose in their jobs, they feel they cannot have an open and honest relationship with their managers, and they don't have a good understanding of their future career growth trajectory. They are hard working and driven, but their motivation falters when they don't understand what all of that work is for. Through working with me, my clients are able to get out of their negative thought patterns and gain the tools they need to effectively communicate with their managers and refocus at work. 

Given these experiences, I am uniquely qualified to coach your millennial talent around the issues they face in the workplace. 

what does corporate coaching involve?

My corporate coaching packages focus on providing millennials with a neutral space for self-reflection, as well as a productive environment to help them grow as leaders within your organization. I provide 1-on-1 coaching sessions, as well as additional monthly open coaching office hours, so that your talent feels supported and can thrive.

Throughout the coaching process, I serve as both a cheerleader and an accountability partner for the individuals I coach. I challenge them to reframe their thinking, help them to find their voice, and give them the tools to address challenges head on so they can show up as the engaged, productive employees you need them to be. 

Some sample coaching topics include:

  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm

  • Self-confidence/Impostor Syndrome

  • Motivation

  • Effective communication

  • Stepping into leadership roles/finding their voice

  • Career goal setting

  • Sales mindset

Through working with me, the millennials in your office will gain the clarity and confidence they need to grow and make a lasting impact within your organization.


Are You Ready to Retain, Engage, and Empower Your Millennial Talent?