Client Love

I absolutely LOVE my clients! Seriously, they are freaking amazing! Watching their ambition and dedication to creating a life and career they love is incredibly inspiring and soul-affirming. I am truly honored that they have invited me to be part of their journeys. 

As for how they feel about working with me?

I'll let them tell you themselves:


"I took away that the position in my life I was in was temporary and that I could change it.

I sat in the discomfort, felt permission to rest, felt inspired by you. I specifically identified through your help the fact that I wanted to apply for full time jobs, what job I wanted, how much I wanted to be paid and for whom I wanted to work. And then, I got that job!

You are a fantastic listener because you are able to not only identify what is being said but the entire scenario around it. You intuitively understand subtleties to situations. You do not press or rush. You are kind, supportive and passionate. You're inspiring."

- K. H.

"I absolutely adore my calls with Carolyn.

She helps me get organized, get energized and stay focused. She gives me space to work out all my thoughts, ideas and feelings. She helps me make a plan and stick to it. She's brave. She's strong. She's kind. And she's real. She gets it. Her experience is entirely relatable. She has helped me immensely over the last year, and I know she can help you too. "

- H. R.

"Carolyn was such an unexpected gift in my life.

I didn't think "I needed" a life and career coach, but during our first conversation I found myself crying (in a good way) and thinking of aspects of my life and business that I realized needed exploration. Now I think everyone needs a life coach! Especially the perfectionists out there who put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed in *all* aspects of their life. Carolyn, simply said, makes life easier.

Working with Carolyn, I realized it's OKAY to be both confident and unsure of yourself at the same time. She provided a safe-space to explore and share my vulnerabilities. She'd ask the tough questions and then be sure to build me back up again and remind me of abilities in each and every session. You can tell Carolyn works with a lot of top performers and knows how to find that balance between pushing and being kind. 

Carolyn's ability to listen, reflect and challenge has made me better at my job. I found it's a great way to *justify* the investment- because coaching impacts your personal life, your social life, your relationship with yourself AND your career. Major payoff!

Carolyn is going to be your new go-to for everything in life and having her on your team is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. She's worth every single penny as you build the life you love."

- M. C.

"Carolyn is like the BFF we all wish we had

- she pushes you to be a better version of yourself in a positive way and caring way, even when it means telling you something you don't want to hear (which will happen, a lot). 

I realized that I wasn't living my values (values that I didn't even realize were important to me) and that I was letting fear rule my life. I learned how to reframe my natural responses to everyday life and live more positively!"

- E. S.

"Carolyn reminded me that you don't need to work out EVERYTHING at once. 

Carolyn helped me isolate the thing that was causing me stress, then taught me how to create priorities and reward myself for accomplishing relatively small tasks. I was surprised how just taking 5 or 10 mindful minutes here and there to conquer my tasks made a big difference in my state of mind.

Carolyn is so patient, astute, and accomplished -- she is completely nonjudgmental, but she also focuses on getting things DONE. I had never worked with a life coach before, but I found it to be a refreshing and helpful experience, because it was so focused on outcomes. As an overachiever who puts a lot of pressure on myself, I enjoyed Carolyn's clarity and practicality."

- S. S.

"I really loved how you pushed me to self-reflect versus giving me answers.

Your prompting questions helped steer me in a direction I wouldn't have anticipated, and got me thinking about different ways to approach a work-place challenge.

You have a way of engaging with folks that makes the speaker feel safe and free to be vulnerable without judgment. In order to probe some of the real impediments we have as women in the workplace (or trying to land in the right workplace), its important to be honest with yourself - something hard to do without the right nudging."

- A. M.

"Carolyn asks the right questions and that, I believe, is the most important thing a life coach can do when you're approaching the next big decision in your life.

She's someone who can remind you why you're pursuing your dreams, and that's reminder that all of us need when the going gets rough.

I think Carolyn takes all of the anxieties you're dealing with and turns them into pros and cons lists. She directs your thought process in a way that allows you to see the big picture instead of all of the tiny dots that may not make sense up close."

- R. S.

"You helped me accept that it's okay to change my mind about things.

That sounds pretty obvious, but I sometimes feel like when I've gone far enough down a path I should see it through no matter what. You helped me realize that sometimes it's just not the right path and it's okay to go in another direction. You also helped me realize that not all things are now or never. Just because something isn't the right thing to do right now, I don't have to rule it out as an option in my life forever.

I think it's so valuable to have a neutral party to talk through all my concerns and issues with. I feel comfortable talking openly with you without being judged which is something that you can't often do with family and friends. Yet, at the same time, I feel like you don't just listen and nod, but you're rooting for me! You're always helping me celebrate the wins! I feel so energized after meeting with you and I feel like everyone deserves it.

One of the things I love about working with you is that our conversations feel comfortable and informal - in a good way! It feels like I'm just talking with a girlfriend. I really like how you get fired up about the things in my life. It makes me feel like you really care and are invested in me."

- S. W.

"Carolyn is kind, funny and strong.

She is great at seeing the big picture and helping you map out a way to achieve what you want, in a way that works for you.

Carolyn has a unique ability to firmly guide and lead through all kinds of circumstances. She can slice apart any situation to serve it back in a way you would never have seen before.  She is also a wonderful ear for support (venting) and a hand to celebrate! She is a wonderful, energetic and bright woman!."

- S. T.

"I can't thank Carolyn enough for all those coaching sessions that lead me to realizing that worry has been the root cause to many of my challenges.

Carolyn pushed me and challenged me to go deep within myself to unlock those areas of myself that needed to come to the surface. For that I am ever grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awesome coaching."

- A. S.

"I think everyone should have a coach, especially a professional and insightful one like Carolyn, to force themselves to be ‘selfish’ for an hour each week.

The weekly coaching session was especially valuable because it’s so rare to have an hour that’s just for yourself – no work, school, or even your own thoughts.  Having a trusted third-party, objective and non-judgmental coach like Carolyn allowed me to take the time to process my stress and come out the other side feeling capable and ready to take on my daunting, but now manageable list of to-dos. 

One thing I found particularly helpful was to be able to talk through my sources of stress and figure out how to mitigate or eliminate – it’s so hard to say no – but Carolyn helped me be more planful and realistic about what would keep me on track with my academic goals and find sources of compromise.  On the other side of this, she also helped remind me that it’s ok to be human. I was doing myself a disservice by holding myself to impossible goals, and I felt better about my progress when I allowed myself to celebrate small ‘wins’."

- L. K.

"Carolyn helped me understand what the priorities in my life were and what areas I needed to focus on to achieve my goals.

At the time I was increasingly unhappy in my job, and I was beginning the process of applying to business school, and had a number of big decisions to make. I was eager to have an unbiased third party to discuss these changes with and help me navigate upcoming life decisions. Carolyn was extremely professional and well prepared. She used a combination of formal techniques and friendly conversation to guide our session and help me identify areas I could focus on to make an immediate impact on my life.  

She truly understands the challenges young female professionals face, and helps you navigate them in a friendly and approachable way. It's a relief to have someone like her on your side!" 

- K. D.