Help! My 20s + 30s Are So Confusing!

Yep - you're not alone! Your 20s + 30s can be really tough to navigate.

All of a sudden you're thrown from college into the real world with no true guide to "adulting". You have so many options in front of you that it's difficult to know where to even begin. As a result, you feel stuck in the job you hate, or the city that doesn't inspire you or the relationship that's no longer helping you grow. The list goes on. You get stuck in your place (whatever that place may be for you) and lose sight of how to thrive. You have trouble tapping into your own creativity and dreams because you're so focused on staying afloat. Disrupting the status quo can feel terrifying and daunting. It can also be exhilarating.

I believe that deep down inside of you, you have truths, values and dreams that are waiting to come into view. You just have to start moving in their direction. Here is where I come in. You hold the compass that will guide you to the life you truly want to live - I'm the partner that helps you learn how to read it. 

Together we'll chart your course and create actionable, tangible steps for you to take on the journey to the life you dream of. We'll break it down into chunks so the end destination isn't so daunting and far off. I'll be your support team, your champion, and the one to hold you accountable to staying on your path. 

Just think how amazing it will feel when you wake up one morning and realize you've made it! That the life you had your sights on is in fact the life you're living! Are you ready to pick up that compass and take that first step?


1-on-1 coaching

Through 1-on-1 coaching, I provide a safe space for you (a female twenty- or thirty-something) to explore your dreams, passions, and desires. I am a partner for you in your self-discovery process - unbiased, non-judgmental and supportive. Through individualized sessions, we're able to focus on YOU - all of the things that make you unique and poised for an unbelievably successful life!

We'll explore what motivates you, what makes you passionate, as well as help you to break through energy blocks keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams.

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Looking for some inspiration? Compass Maven workshops are the perfect way to get those wheels turning with a bunch of other awesome women!

Part education, part sisterhood connection, these workshops will help you get motivated for your journey, tune into your inner compass and meet some other fabulous ladies!

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See you soon, babe!



Looking for group coaching or self-study courses? I've got you covered, lady!

Right now registration is open for my FREE email mini course, 5 Days To Holiday Stress Relief, designed to take you from "Bah humbug!" to harnessing the holiday spirit of Buddy the Elf!

The course kicks off Monday 12/3, and I’d love for you to join us! Click below for more details and to register!

Corporate coaching

Are you struggling to retain your top millennial talent? Looking for ways to show the millennials in your office that your company is invested in their personal and professional development?

My corporate coaching packages are a great way to provide a benefit to your millennial talent that will make a lasting impact on their career growth and, in turn, on your organization.

I serve as both a cheerleader and an accountability partner for the individuals I coach. I challenge them to reframe their thinking, help them to find their voice, and give them the tools to address challenges head on so they can show up as the engaged, productive employees you need them to be. 

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Carolyn Birsky speaking


Looking for someone to speak at your next event? Great news - I'm also available for speaking engagements!

Whether you're booking for a conference, networking group, alumni association, college, or company, I'd be happy to connect and learn about your speaker needs.

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