Inspiration, Girl Power and Laughter

Welcome to Compass Maven Workshops where you'll get all of that and more! 

Workshops are an important piece of the work I do because I find that sometimes half the battle is understanding that you're not alone. I spent a lot of my 20s feeling like I was the only one who was miserable in my job or had no idea what the hell I should do next. Everywhere I looked, I felt like everyone had their shit together, while I was still searching. For me, meeting other like-minded women who had some of the same questions, worries and drive as me was key to helping me feel not so alone. Workshops are a great way to do just that, while throwing some self-exploration into the mix.  A little sisterhood can go a long way!

Part education, part sisterhood connection, these workshops will help motivate you on your journey, help you tune into your inner compass and introduce you to some other fabulous ladies while you're at it!

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vision board workshops

Do you want to focus on bringing amazing things into your life, but have found regular goal setting methods to be boring?

Looking for an excuse to flip through magazines and cut out inspiring phrases and photos that speak to you?

Then look no further than this lively workshop! It's all about getting tuned into your vision for your life and empowering you to go after it. 

We'll cover the importance of visioning, what exactly a vision board is, how to make one and then let your creativity shine. You'll meet some new ladies, have great conversations and support each other as you make your vision boards.

You'll leave with your very own vision board, a renewed connection to your goals, inspiration to go make 'em happen and some new friends!

And of course there will be snacks. Always snacks.

Purposeful Job Search Workshop

Are you graduating college soon, but have zero clue what you want to do with your life?

Are you vaguely aware of an industry or type of job you want to be in, but aren't quite sure what's drawing you to it or if it will actually make you happy?

Then this workshop is for you! We'll cover the importance of doing some soul work BEFORE you actually start applying to jobs. You'll learn what questions to ask yourself, some take-home exercises to do, as well as how to help other people help YOU in finding a job you're excited about.

This workshop isn't about resume or cover letter writing. It's about getting to know what you bring to the table and what motivates you so you'll find a job that positions you for growth rather than frustration.