Guest Post On Biz & Bubbly: 3 Ways To Stay Sane As A New Solopreneur

Hey there! This week, I'm super excited to share with you a guest post I wrote for Biz & Bubbly last Friday! 

Biz & Bubbly is an amazing community for female entrepreneurs, run by Morgan Anderson (who is a total gem)! Morgan believes in bringing together women to share their knowledge and support each other in business. She writes her own blog posts and also provides an opportunity for other women to contribute their knowledge to the blog as well.

As an avid connector and believer that knowledge is power, I'm all about this model and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Biz & Bubbly blog! I don't talk a ton about entrepreneurship on my own blog (except for sharing stories from time to time with you), so this was a fun change of pace.

If you've been wondering what it's like to set out on your own (or if you're an entrepreneur looking for some guidance), check out the preview of the post below and visit Biz & Bubbly for the full thing!



3 ways to stay sane as a new solopreneur

First things first, congrats lady! You did the thing! You quit your job to start your own business! Pop some champagne and toast to yourself because, you my friend, are incredible!

Now, if you found yourself here, I’m guessing that the high of walking away from your corporate job and launching your business is starting to wear off a little. You’re feeling a bit alone and possibly going kinda stir crazy in your apartment.

How did I read your mind?

I’ve been there.

It’s easy to get a bit down when all of a sudden the not so fun parts of running a solo business (taxes, being alone all of the time, no more free snacks, etc.) start to feel all consuming.

Your friends may look at you like you’re killing it because you did the big scary thing (which you are by the way!), but at times you might feel like you’re the furthest from “killing it” you’ve ever been. As a result, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about how far you still have to go to make this the true business of your dreams, rather than recognizing how far you’ve come.

Unfortunately, spiraling into self-doubt can have real consequences on you and your business. It can do a number on your creativity, your efficiency and your overall ability to visualize a positive future, which any coach will tell you is important for success.

But don’t worry, my friend! There are some pretty simple (and highly effective) things you can do to get out of your slump and stay sane so that you and your business crush it!