My Interview On The Millennial Revolution Podcast

This week I'm very excited to share my conversation with Kelly Goldhorn of the Millennial Revolution Podcast!

Kelly and I met via Instagram and I loved her idea for the Millennial Revolution Podcast! Kelly was feeling burnt out at her 9-to-5 and wanted to start talking to people who had created a different, more autonomous way of living their lives and making money. So she set out to create a podcast interviewing millennials about their career stories and how they became their own bosses or followed their dreams.

We recorded this episode back in the summer as Kelly was getting together her first interviewees and starting to form the podcast. The Millennial Revolution Podcast officially went live last week and I'm so grateful to be her guest for episode #3!

I've loved keeping in touch with Kelly since we recorded this episode and it has been so fun to watch her use her creative energy to bring this podcast to life (while still working her 9-to-5)! Kelly, thank you again for having me!

Interested in hearing our conversation? Click here for show notes and here for the episode (choose episode #3)!




P.S. Giving you a warning in case you listen around kids... Apparently I swore more than 5 times (I think that's iTune's limit) so my episode is marked as explicit! Oops! I can't seem to talk about something I'm this passionate about without some good expletives thrown in there!

Click here to listen to the episode