My Guest Appearance On The Talent Hacks Podcast

Hey friend! Going off my normal blog schedule to bring you a bonus post because... I was recently interviewed for The Talent Hacks Podcast and the episode was just released! I was too excited to wait until next week, so just HAD to share today!

Chris Algiere, Marketing Lead at LaunchSource, invited me on the show to chat about women in sales, along with his colleague, Amy Petkanas. As a former-sales-person-turned-coach, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about a subject I'm deeply passionate about.

You see, even though I ultimately found that sales wasn't the right career path for me, I am all for getting more women into sales careers AND improving the experiences of women working in sales. There are lots of reasons why sales can be an awesome career. There are also lots of things that need to be done to diversify sales organizations and make women feel more included.

First step to addressing these issues and getting more women to crush it in sales?

Actually talking about them! So here we are!

In this episode, we look at the subject of women in sales from two perspectives:

  • From the hiring manager's perspective, we address what companies can do to make their offices more inclusive and attract more women to their sales organizations.
  • From a candidate perspective, we discuss why sales can be a great career in and of itself, as well as a fantastic basis for future careers.

It was an awesome conversation and such fun time being on the show! I'm so grateful to Chris and Amy for having me as their guest and hope to join them again soon!

Did I peak your interest?

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