WELL-Rounded Podcast Interview

Hey friends!

I'm a big advocate of my clients taking time to celebrate when they reach their goals (rather than just moving onto the next), so I thought I'd take my own advice today and celebrate reaching a goal of mine!

At the beginning of the year, I made a goal to be on at least 5 podcasts in 2018 (hence why it may seem like I've been on the podcast circuit as of late). As an avid listener and someone who enjoys connecting with new people, I absolutely LOVE recording podcast episodes! They're a fun way to have really interesting conversations with awesome people! 

Going back to my goal: I'm excited to report that as of last week I've officially hit my goal of being on 5 podcasts - and it's only March! *happy dance*

With a pretty big list of major goals for 2018, it feels great to have hit one so quickly! Since podcasts are so fun to record, I'm hoping to keep the momentum going and be on some more throughout the year. I have some ideas, but feel free to send me any recommendations of podcasts you'd like to hear me on!

Now for today's episode...


The episode I'm sharing with you today is from the WELL-Rounded Podcast hosted by Kayla Kleinman, an NYC fitness blogger, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and creator of Kayla in the City.

Kayla and I connected thanks to my dear friend Michelle at FitVista (go listen to her awesome episode as well). We hit it off right away and could have talked for hours! Don't worry, for your sake, we kept the podcast to just over an hour. It was a super fun episode to record and I'm excited to share it with you today!

We cover A LOT in this episode:

  • Career transitions and what to do when you feel lost
  • Book recommendations
  • The benefits of working with a life coach
  • The struggles of launching your own business
  • Reframing your job search
  • And much more!

Click the button below to have a listen! Hope you enjoy!

Be well,