2018 Year End Review (FREEBIE)

As we approach the holidays and the year comes to a close, it's natural to start looking ahead to 2019.

Our focus shifts to New Year's Resolutions and what comes next for us in our lives and careers. I mean, just walk into any stationary store and you’re bombarded with 2019 planners - it’s hard not to think about it.

While it's important to be forward thinking and get serious about your goals, I encourage you not to let 2018 go so quickly.

Our tendency to jump right into the new year means that we often forget to reflect on the year we just finished up. Sure, it’s awesome to think about 2019 and all of the amazing things we want to accomplish, but, as we look ahead, we often focus on all of the things we want to improve. In the process, we don't celebrate all that we accomplished over the year.

So before we dive into our New Year's Resolution lists (don't worry, I'll be talking about this very soon), I’ve put together a FREE year end review worksheet.

This worksheet is designed to help you wrap up 2018 with improved self-understanding, so that you can start off the new year with renewed focus and appreciation for how far you’ve come.

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Happy Holidays,