Clarity On Fire Podcast Interview

This past weekend I had some very special visitors: my dear friends Rachel and Kristen from Clarity on Fire! They'd never been to Boston before, so between client meetings I played tour guide, running them all around the city and showing them my favorite spots! We even went on a walking tour with a guide dressed up in Revolutionary era attire - feel free to quiz any one of us on our Boston knowledge as we're now experts!

In honor of their visit, I thought this week's blog post was the perfect time to share my interview on their brand new podcast, the Clarity on Fire Podcast!

When they launched their podcast last month, I was honored to be asked by Rachel and Kristen to be their first expert interview on something I'm actually an expert on (hint: it's not Boston history): making deep connections and building your network.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The difference between friends and your tribe

  • Recognizing it can be uncomfortable to make new friends

  • The importance of being vulnerable

  • Strategies for making new friends as an adult

  • Networking and how to navigate small talk

  • The story of how I "made" Rachel become friends with me

  • And much more...

It's a straight up, no bullshit conversation between girlfriends that I know you'll enjoy! Have a listen by clicking the button below!

Be well,


Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash