#compassroses Series: You're Already At A "No" If You Don't Ask

This week I'm trying something new. I had an idea for a blog post, but I knew my passion would come through more if I talked about it than wrote about it. So I recorded a little riff on the topic that you can listen to on your way to work or during a quick coffee break. 

At the time that I recorded this, I wasn't sure what to call this sort of riff, but I've decided to call it #compassroses to line up with the questions and statements that I post on Instagram.

These little riffs will be my thoughts on topics that keep coming up in client conversations or things that I've been mulling over and would rather talk about than write about.

This particular riff is based on a theme that's been coming up with several clients lately: holding themselves back or not asking for something because they're worried they'll get rejected in some way. My reminder to them has been "You're already at a 'no' if you don't ask". Have a listen below to hear my thoughts on this topic!

Also, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments! Did you like the recording? Do you want to see more of these? Would you prefer I recorded these as video? 

Thanks in advance for the feedback! Hope you enjoy!

Be well,